Building on Good; Bound for Great!

The Anacortes Family Center recently purchased the property that is directly across from our current facility. Our goal is to turn this 6,000 square foot lot into a new nine-apartment transitional living facility for clients with longer-term needs. Because of the close proximity to our current shelter, there is no need to build a laundry room, a large meeting room, a playground or multiple offices. The need for transitional housing in our community is profound, and community support is critical for this vision to become a reality.

What is Transitional Housing?

Transitional housing provides intensive services and housing for individuals and families that need longer-term assistance; our transitional housing program will:

  • Serve women, children and families with children
  • Support them for 12-24 months
  • Provide intensive services similar to our current program - including case management, counseling, assistance with strict household budgeting, life skills education, and children will receive tutoring, art and music therapy and academic and social assistance.
  • Create long-term success. Residents will be required to work and we will collect 30% of their income as “rent”. This rent will be put into escrow. If a client graduates successfully we will repay their rent for a down-payment on a mortgage (income and credit permitting), or to pay for a lease with any additional funds used for an emergency fund.

Why is Transitional Housing Needed?

The Anacortes Family Center's Board of Directors created a 5-year strategic plan in 2014. In developing this plan the board reviewed several factors that made the need for transitional housing very apparent: 

  • AFC's shelter is always at 100% occupancy with an average of 15 families on our wait list at any given time
  • In the Spring of 2015 there were 91 homeless children in the Anacortes School District
  • The complexity of needs of our clients has increased significantly. We are seeing more women and children that have a history of multiple domestic violence relationships, more clients have multiple mental health diagnosis and children have significant emotional, social and academic issues. 

To address these significant challenges the board reviewed all possible options and found that transitional housing was the best, most proven way to alleviate these issues. 

How Can I Help?

In order for this incredible need to become a reality, the Anacortes Family Center must raise $1.3 Million from our very generous community. Unfortunately the funds used to build our current facility are not presently available, making our community's generosity the only possible way to proceed with this project. There are many ways in which to support this project - both large and small:

  • Create a legacy for you or someone you love by making a contribution with naming-rights. Naming gifts range from $300,000 for the naming rights to the entire building, to $20,000 for naming rights for a studio apartment. For a full list of naming opportunities, click here to see our donation pyramid! 
  • Purchase a block on our Wall of InspirationIn our new facility we will have one wall dedicated to those that give gifts between $5,000-$15,000. On the wall we will have engraved glass blocks for each donor; the donor will select a quote, words, or give a message of hope for our residents, that will then be engraved onto the glass. 
  •  Stand with the Silent! Standing with silent is our campaign to bring awareness to the silent, shadow community of homeless living among our community. Giving a gift of $250 and above will entitle you to a metal and mesh bracelet that says "Standing With The Silent"; gifts of $5 or more will entitle you to a plastic bracelet that also states "Standing with the Silent". 
  • To support this life-saving and life-changing project, call Dustin at 293-2993 ext. 111 or email You can also give online through our secure credit card processor by clicking here

additional information

Read an update on AFC's progress by clicking here to download an article from the April 2016 Anacortes American!

Would you like additional details on the AFC's Capital Campaign? Download our Case Statement.
Read the SHIFT Study about Transitional Housing and its effectiveness at stabilizing families long-term. 


standing with
the silent

"The Homeless in Anacortes are a silent community living in the shadows of our town. Help us bring light to the shadows, a voice to the silent and hope to the homeless." 

Donors that give $5 or more will receive this bracelet. We ask that you wear it proudly in support of this life-saving and life-changing project. 

Find out how to donate by Clicking Here or call 293-2993 ext. 111.