Our Services

Interim Housing

The Anacortes Family Center offers interim housing for homeless women, women or men with children and family's with children.  Unlike many organizations whose focus is immediate or emergency care, our objective is to move families from homelessness to self-sufficiency within 60 days through an intensive program designed to assist clients to identify and accomplish goals and identify and overcome obstacles to self sufficiency and permanent housing.  In exchange for no cost accommodations and intensive support and services, residents are required to work with a case manager, follow a contract agreement including acquiring employment within 14 days of entry, engage in recommended services with internal and external service providers, follow program guidelines and rules, and attend life skills classes on topics including employment, financial management and home care*. 

All emergency housing is provided in our 8-unit, apartment style facility.  Each unit has a full kitchen and is fully furnished, including linens, dishes and cooking implements.  Clients are not allowed to bring in personal items other than what will fit in the closets.  

In order to be eligible to be accepted into AFC's program, a client must:

  • Be a homeless single woman or family with children
  • Have extremely low income ( <30% AMI)
  • Pass a criminal background check** and be free of substance abuse
  • Agree to obtain employment or combine employment search with community volunteer activities* (intensive employment support will be provided through Case Management)
  • Be willing to fully engage in the program and accept the program expectations and requirements

Program Expectations: 

  • Accept the responsibility to secure transportation for work and necessary services
  • Work with a case manager to create and update on a weekly basis an action contract outlining goals and activities to achieve permanent housing and promote self-sufficiency. Action items and a timeline is developed in partnership with each client and progress is evaluated at each case management meeting
  • Show willingness to achieve self-sufficiency through engaging in program activities 

Program Expectations

Housing Search

While we provide interim accommodations, we are not a permanent housing solution. Therefore, it is imperative that clients continue to search for housing while staying at the Center. The Case Manager will work with all clients to identify housing options and assist them to obtain services. 

Financial Management and Participation

Each household creates a budget outlining all income and expenses to help determine the best housing and living options. Clients are expected track all income and expenses on a daily basis with the goal of saving as much money as possible while in our program in order to secure and afford permanent housing upon graduation.

Case Management / Action Contract

Each client / family will create an action plan for housing and self-sufficiency with the Case Manager within 24 hours of entry. Participation in case management is required and clients must be able to show progress toward case management goals to continue receiving services. Case Management meetings occur at a minimum of once per week.

Employment / Volunteer Service

Within 14 days of entry clients are required to secure full-time employment*. We support clients with resume writing, job readiness and may provide job placement facilitation and support for job opportunities. Residents that are unable to secure full-time work within that time are required to secure a 20-hour per week volunteer site, with the goal of building employable skills, adding recent job references, and networking with our community. Clients are required to continue seeking employment in addition to the volunteer requirement.      

Application Process

Anyone interested in receiving services must complete an assessment by calling (360) 293-2993 ext 112.  Walk-in applications are available, but please call ahead. There is usually a waiting list, and openings are filled based on multiple factors, so staff will be unable to provide an estimate of the wait to receive services.


Explanation of Reasonable Accommodations:

AFC strives to work with and support each client and their unique needs. AFC staff are committed to working with each household and individual to create an individually tailored plan to achieve self sufficiency that accommodates any limitations and utilizes each client's strengths. 

* Full-time Employment: AFC works with clients deemed disabled that receive social security disability benefits. AFC's Case Manager works with the client and their SSI Case Worker to evaluate whether a client can obtain a "Ticket to Work". A Ticket to Work allows clients on disability to work up to 20-hours per week, with certain limitations, without impacting the client's disability eligibility or benefits. 

** Criminal History: AFC works with individuals with criminal backgrounds. Clients with convictions including but not limited to: murder, violent assault (1st or 2nd degree), sexual assault and/or registered sex offenders are ineligible for services. Please contact AFC's Resident and Facility Coordinator for a detailed list of charges that may exclude clients from receiving services. 

*** Client Requirements: Reasonable accommodations for some program requirements (e.g. daily chores) are made for clients with limitations or disabilities.