Homeless Prevention Program

The Anacortes Family Center, in partnership with the City of Anacortes, has created a homelessness prevention program. This program, totaling $57,000, will support residents with up to three-months of past rent. To qualify for the program, residents must:

- Be below 80% Area Median Income (the chart is on the application form)

- Be less than 3-months behind in rent (or have the ability to pay the difference)

- The Landlord must waive all fees and stipulate that this will make the Tenant current

- Live in Anacortes

If you are interested in applying for the program, please fill out the application and submit the agreement form. Please email your Landlord (and including dustin@anacortesfamily.org so that we have your landlord's contact email) your signed agreement. Please note: grants will not be considered until a completed application and the agreement is signed by all parties.

If you have questions, please email dustin@anacortesfamily.org. Thank you!

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