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February 9th

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Papa Murphy’
s | Pizza Factory Bobs Chowder Union Tavern  Fridas | Bastion Brewery

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Providing Hope for Homeless Women, Children & Families

Since 2009 the Anacortes Family Center has provided a safe and stable shelter, and intensive supportive services, for over 700 individuals – with over 60% of those served children. Our program exists to support those that wish to support themselves. For 60-90 days we provide a safe and stable living environment, intensive case management and life skills education in order to get those in need on the path toward self-sufficiency and out of homelessness. Our residents give back to our community: for 40 hours each week our residents are required to work, volunteer, actively seek work or volunteer opportunities, and seek out services to re-establish themselves and their family. Please visit our services page for a full list of program expectations. 

The Anacortes Family Center has an important mission:

The Mission of the Anacortes Family Center is to serve homeless women, children and families in crisis by providing shelter in addition to comprehensive transformational services to achieve long lasting personal success and self-sufficiency. 

This Work Can't be Done Alone

Whether fleeing a home with domestic violence present, or needing to rebuild after a catastrophe in their life, that Anacortes Family Center is a shelter for our community, formed by our community, and sustained by our community. The Anacortes community believes in a helping hand during times of need. The important work of the Anacortes Family Center can't be done without the amazing and generous support of concerned and committed citizens. 

There are many ways that you can support this critically important mission: 

Because Everyone Deserves A Place to Call Home.