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YOUTHConnect! pairs volunteers with young people in need of a relationship with a trusted adult. Our program focuses on social-emotional needs, academic support, and occupational guidance.

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did you know?

Did you know that one in three youth in the U.S. does not have a trusted adult they can go to for guidance and advice? What‘s more, here in Anacortes:

  • About 25% of kids in our schools are low income

  • More than 700 students qualify for free and reduced lunch

  • As many as 90 local students are considered “unhoused” each year

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“Being that extra, reliable adult for
a young person feels really good.”


how we serve local youth

The Anacortes Family Center created the YOUTHConnect! Program to provide transformational mentorships for Fidalgo Island youth ages 10 – 20 years old. Mentors receive training and support from YOUTHConnect! Staff who have designed their program to follow well-established national mentorship best practices.


The vision is to support local young people to develop self-esteem and establish relationships that can lead to:

  • ​​Increased high school graduation rates

  • Improved school and home behavior

  • Reduced use of alcohol and drugs

  • Fewer teen pregnancies

ouR mentors

The YOUTHConnect! Program offers meaningful volunteer opportunities for community members. This could be your chance to make a vital difference to a child in formative years, and it can help you too!

  • You might learn more about yourself

  • You may develop increased interpersonal and leadership skills

  • You could better understand others and the world around you

  • You can reinforce your skill set and learn new things too



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