Board of Directors

The Anacortes Family Center is guided by an involved, dedicated and passionate Board of Directors, all of whom support the organization with generous contributions. This group of community and business leaders is responsible for financial oversight, goal setting, policy development, and fundraising. We are most grateful to our volunteer directors for their work in leading, strengthening and supporting AFC's services for vulnerable women, children and families in need.

President: Leona Bratz, J.D.
Vice President: Diane Bowlin
Secretary: Shay Schual-Berke, M.D.
Treasurer: Gina Walsh
Christine Cleland-McGrath
Hon. Susan Cook (ret.)
Teresa De La Rosa
Pam Estvold
Matt Gill
Greg Monaghan, M.D.
Kris Yuan
Vicki Stasch, Ex-Officio
Susan Guterbock, Ex-Officio
Emeritus Board of Directors:
Vicki Stasch (Chair)
Bonnie Bowers
Col. Eric Johnson (ret.)
Ann Meyers, Ph.D.
Nels Strandberg
Maggie Thompson
Tim Schofield