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client stories

When graduation day comes for one of our clients or families, it’s a time of mixed emotions. We are sad to see them leave our program as they become friends, and we value the inspiration they give us to learn more and improve what we do.

But our overwhelming feeling is joy! It is such a pleasure to congratulate clients for their hard work in finding employment, landing a permanent place to live, starting a budget and a savings plan, and moving on to a rewarding future. To witness the changes each person undergoes is uplifting.

Here are a few stories our clients want to share with you.


Rickey's rough start in life did not prepare him well for adulthood, and he found himself living mostly homeless for decades. Now, he's a resident of AFC's Landing Apartments.  Read his story here.

Zatashas home.jpg

Not content with what the future was looking like for her and six children, Zatasha packed everyone up in the car and came west. After a short stay in our Emergency Shelter, all seven people are thriving. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith!

Rachel Hawley portrait copy.jpg
Rachel finds her compass

Leaving an unhealthy situation in another state, Rachel combined her capabilities and strong resolve with a little help from the staff at AFC. She says, Through them, we were able to settle into a home and find our place in the beautiful city of Anacortes.“

Amber creates her future

Amber was introduced to drugs by her mom when she was just a girl. Now Amber's building a healthy family with her own daughter, cheered on by friends and supporters from local non-profits including AFC.

Cadence and Caleb thrive

Cadence and Caleb have been through quite a bit in their young lives. Read about this couple, their two beautiful children, Nicholas and Gemma, and all the plans and dreams they have for the future.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 10.02.50 AM.png
authentic ashley

Now that hurtful relationships are behind her, Ashley is enjoying a new life in Anacortes. Read how this client sailed through AFC‘s program and created a future to look forward to.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 10.02.37 AM.png
Lessons from craig

Having experienced living homeless in Seattle for several months, Craig shares his story so other can learn what it‘s like. Now that he‘s on a good path, Craig wants to help everyone.

a journey for nina

Nina is not too shy to explain how she transformed herself from drug addiction into a productive and fulfilled member of the community, not to mention a great mom. Read her story.

ever-resourceful samantha

Samantha probably doesn’t fit most people’s image of someone who doesn’t have a home. Learn how this capable wife and mother found a path forward for her entire family.

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