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transitional building

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Some families need more than 90 days to address complex and enduring barriers to stability. These can include a variety of challenges such as lack of a high school diploma, health issues, insufficient savings, and more.


Clients with large families or infants can have a difficult time finding childcare, and it‘s no secret that affordable housing can be hard to come by in Skagit County. AFC has chosen to actively tackle these problems in our community – read more about our solutions for affordable housing and our future plans.

Clients who have completed the Emergency Shelter Program and would benefit from additional support are eligible for up to two years in our Family Transformation Center. Those families pay 30% of their income as “rent.” When they graduate, AFC returns most of the rent as a grant to secure a lease or mortgage, with any remaining funds held for an emergency. Two of our families have moved from the program into homes they were able to purchase!

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