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There are several approaches to assisting those living homeless; our model is to support clients to reach self-sufficiency.

working hand-in-hand

The Anacortes Family Center works hand-in-hand with families and individuals to achieve this goal through emergency sheltering, caseworker services, and group and individual learning sessions. We help with “Rent Ready” training, resumé assistance, budgeting discussions, life skills classes, and more. 

75 – 90% of AFC clients graduate successfully, meaning at the end of their stay with us the majority can support themselves. This outcome is one of the highest success rates in Washington State.


AFC serves roughly 200 people annually. When they come to us, nearly 100% are experiencing homelessness, and about one-third of those are considered chronically homeless. About 75% identify as victims of domestic violence. Many clients report a physical disability, mental health challenges, or both. Read our latest white paper for more detail and learn about our vision for the future by checking out the strategic plan we create with our board of directors.

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We operate with a small-but-mighty team so we can devote most of the funds we raise to the well-being of those we serve. Our trained staff – each one passionate about our mission and dedicated to working seamlessly together – is supplemented by hundreds of community volunteers who help in a variety of ways. We are also fortunate to receive incredible financial support from residents in our area who are kind and committed to working with us. Why not join them?

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