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Youth Programs News!

August 2023 Edition

Stay up-to-date on all things youth programming at the

Anacortes Family Center!

AFC Youth Programs is proud to support the graduating seniors at Cap Sante and Anacortes High Schools through our mentoring and tutoring programs!

YOUTHConnect! Mentorship Program

COLLEGE SUCCESS FOUNDATION GRANT RECIPIENT! In March of this year, YOUTHConnect! was the recipient of a substantial grant to help support our mentorship program by providing a funding source for both Mentors and Mentees.

As a standard, our program is built around providing enriching experiences that are meant to help overall youth development, specifically around social emotional learning. The funding from this grant will reduce barriers to a mentor providing further access to enriching experiences.


In addition to providing access to enriching activities, this funding will be used to support junior and senior students who are enrolled participants by providing economic equity to reduce barriers that might deter a student from engaging in mentorship. These funds can be used to cover school fees, college application fees, the cost of visiting a college campus, etc.

We are very excited about how this grant will help support youth in our mentorship program!


College Success Foundation serves underrepresented students who often face systemic barriers to accessing and navigating college through direct student programs, scholarships, and intentional partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities. Learn more about CSF here!


A note for Mentors

Don't forget to complete the AFTER VISIT Mentor Check-in Form after your meet-ups. This helps our program track your match progress and follow up with program support.

CLICK HERE to access the form.

Next Program Event

Join us for a Mentor and Family BBQ!

August 22nd from 4-7pm at Washington Park


TRAINING Opportunities

As a policy of our Mentorship program, all mentors are required to attend in-service trainings at least once quarterly. Mentors can find training opportunities on our Events Calendar!


"The experience will last over several weeks and already provided a vehicle for creativity and conversation. I was able to see my mentee full of life, confidence and a little wonder."

- Mentor

YOUTH Programming at AFC

Did you know...?​ Experts say homelessness or housing instability can be a large factor in chronic absenteeism. Students who are chronically ill, have caretaking responsibilities for younger siblings or older family members in multi-generational homes, or those who are working to support their households financially also may be chronically absent, according to the National Center for Homeless Education.

When families enter our program, staff meets with parents of school aged youth to learn about their academic and social emotional needs, as well as provide education around why school attendance is important for future outcomes and avoiding truancy law. While in our program, families are required to provide weekly attendance records. This allows our staff to monitor attendance trends and offer supportive resources where we see gaps. 


Additionally, AFC makes sure that families are connected to school McKinney Vento Liaisons, to ensure reductions to barriers that would otherwise prevent them from access to their education, including transportation and food services, as outlined in the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act. In addition, this allows us to find resources like tutoring, school supplies, counseling, after school programs, etc.

After School Programs

College Support

School Supplies

Skagit Transit Pass

Teen Group



Counseling Referral


Youth Support coalition

This last spring, the Anacortes Family Center assisted the Anacortes School District by providing tutors to students who needed extra support. The feedback from teachers and counselors was incredibly positive and we are looking forward to continuing to provide tutoring support to students again next year.

This summer, over 70 high school students are participating in Summer School to complete credit retrieval. AFC was able to provide tutors to help support the students with math, science, language arts, history, health, etc. After the first week, students reported to school staff that they understand concepts better after working with their tutors!

anchor community initiative

When we talk about homelessness in Anacortes, the focus is often on the adult population who are currently unhoused; youth are not usually the topic of discussion. In 2022, the Anacortes Family Center was asked to join the Anchor Community Initiative's Improvement Team for Skagit County, to help inform what processes need to be in place to bring our communities Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Homelessness to a functional zero. 

The team meets every other week, and is tackling how to build a system that accurately captures data on YYA Homelessness so that system bridges can be put into place. 

A Way Home Washington (AWHWA) is a statewide movement to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness, with a focus on prioritizing young people of color and LGBTQ+ youth who experience homelessness at higher rates than their white, straight, cisgender peers. Co-Chaired by First Lady Trudi Inslee, AWHWA unites passionate stakeholders across the state to build systems that respond to the unique needs of all young people. 

Our youth programs believe that ALL young people deserve access to spaces where they are seen and valued, where they can be who they are without fear and judgement.

Anacortes Family Center - Youth Programs | Danielle Vincent, Associate Director | 360-682-1161 or

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